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Improve performance through simulation of exams. Nothing comes closer to the actual exam !! The more papers you solve the more you cover the entire syllabus!! Different questions in each paper !!

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Application for Pilot License Examination_April 2016 Session The Portal for submission for both Online_Computer Based and Technical_OMR based available from 3rd March 2016 in udaan.nic.in.

The candidates can submit their application Online on the udaan.nic.in website for allotment of Roll Number for Pilots License Examination – April 2016 Session from 3rd March to 18th March 2016 for all Categories of General and Technical Papers (including ATPL candidates who are not affected by the Oral Examination – April 2016 Session). 

Prepare for the forthcoming Online exams using the question bank on poles4pilots.com......it's like attempting the exam before the actual one but with answers to all questions !!

Now also get rewarded on passing the exams .....to know more....contact us on support@poles4pilots.com !!

1. Looking for an online Pilots Logbook? Check out ePiLog at http://flymate.co.in for a logbook that manages FDTL requirements as per DGCA CAR for you.

2.    The issue of admit card shall be made compulsory for Pilots License Examination from July 2013 session. The admit card shall contain the applicant’s photograph in addition to the Computer Number, Roll Number, session, category, subject / paper, Date, Centre / Venue details of the examination. In view of the above to facilitate issue of admit cards with photograph, all applicants desirous of appearing for Pilots License Examination who are in any of the following category are required to upload the image of their photograph and signature in http://udaan.nic.in

3.    Once uploaded, the Candidate can check whether their Photo form has been approved by DGCA or not. After logging in to http://udaan.nic.in and upon selecting upload Photo & Signature, if the message appears as “You cannot upload a new file(s) as the existing file(s) have already been approved”, it is an indication that the Photo & Signature of that particular candidate has been approved and no action required from such candidates. Similarly after selecting upload Photo & Signature if “BROWSE” option is prompted, it is an indication that either the Photo form has not been approved by DGCA or your hard copy of the Photo Form has not reached CEO, DGCA as on date. If “BROWSE” option appears, please do upload the Photograph & Signature and forward the hard copy of the Photo Form in accordance with the Instruction published to this effect. 


EB (19 Feb 17:56) - The package I purchased proved to be of great help. Cleared all my exams. Couldn't have cleared Air Regulations without the mock tests. Recommend Poles4Pilots to other aspirants as well.

KayDee85 (26 Dec 15:24) - lot’s of learning value….would have saved lot of money had this website happened earlier !!

feroze_ana (01 Jun 16:44) - some questions same as DGCA Apr session CPLCG

Simran82 (04 May 00:36) - RTR tutorial is very helpful...

Dinakar33 (28 Apr 12:39 -  numericals are stimulating...

Beachmasterpilot (15 Apr 00:34) - solutions to air navgn numericals please…

ankit_patel (10 Apr  22:41) -Air regs questions tough….analysis of Air navgn really helpful… syllabus well covered

BBJmaster (23 Mar 10:32) - ATPL Nav is good….

A_Nangia(03 Mar  02:13) - Tried the p4p simulator before the exam in Feb 15  and it was really helpful (helped me to pass !!). The similarity with numericals being asked in the DGCA exam is gr8. Recomended for all those who like to study with  Q & A of what's likely to be asked in the DGCA exams.

Dabang28 (29 Jan  23:12) - Cleared the ATPLCG Composite.....thanks p4p !!

Jat_king27 (11 Jan 11:37) - experience se bol raha hoon….pattern wahi hai aur questions bhi waise hi hain…kuch questions zyaada tough hain

Sonadey1(09 Dec 11:43) - Feedback on the recently concluded Nav exam. Firstly it was an impressive experience with the sample test papers . The format of the exam has been very well emulated by P4P and made me ready / conversant with the actual exam format. The distribution of questions in the test papers covered all topics which goaded me to 'look up' relevant topics.  The difficulty level of the test papers were also highly relevant.  Overall the format of the test papers and the content has helped me to clear the CPLGA exam in the first attempt with only self study and online 'coaching' of P4P.  I wish the P4P team all the very best and would also recommend it to DGCA exam aspirants. Thanks to team P4P for helping me to clear the nav exam. looking forward to similar experience for  RTR and Air regs exams.

Sukhi_Makhija(03 Jun 03:11) - Amazing similarity in questions with the DGCA  online exams !!

Pranali_M(30 May 14:12) -  Just got back from the DGCA online ATPL Composite and thanks to P4P, I've managed to pass the exam after 3 attempts. Thanks p4p !!:-)

danielPP( 29 May 23:07) -  The website to use to prepare for ATPL !! Best deal - 'CAPTAIN' package !!

Sam_B777(28 May 14:47) - The resemblance between the Air regs questions asked in DGCA and that on this website is amazing ! 

S_Yadav (16 May 23:47) - great experience....matches with the actual exam.

Rotorfreak11(09 May 11:29) -  Helicopter tech gen paper is awesome !! First website to offer helodynamics tech gen paper and that too almost same questions as OMR exam !!

Dhingra_JJ(03 May19:29) -  Best deal for RTR(A). Covers all situations. Much better than MK Singh's PPt presentation.

Vasu_Swami26(30 Apr 03:22) - Gr8 deal as compared to other classes !!

rishabfly_88(27 Apr09:22) -  Database of questions seems similar to that of DGCA !!

MikhailtheRuski(24 Apr17:41) - ATPLG Composite very good !! 

jamwal98(12 Apr 03:19) - What an idea sirjee !! Keep up the good work !!

Embraerking(02 Apr 20:39) - Really nice simulator :-)

rtr_ka_mara(26 Mar 12:22) - The RTR(A) package is awesome - paisa vasool !!

christina_33(11 Mar 02:44) - The ATPLG composite paper is good - realised that no questions are repeated.

Kashish22(27 Dec 07:12) - I owe it to the examination simulator of poles4pilots.com in helping me clear the ATPL after 3 attempts !!

A_Bhatia(26 Dec 23:09) - Amazing similarity of questions in the ATPLG Nav papers of poles4pilots.com helped me clear the exam.

Devyani18(20 Dec 18:12) - Thanks p4p for covering all the questions that were asked in the CPLG Nav paper today !!

Arjun_KK(19 Dec Aug 21:44) -  Almost same type of questions in the ATPLG Radio Aids and Instrmnt paper today :-)

JagPreet99(19 Dec 17:13) -  The RTR Basic Tutorial helped me to crack the Part I !! Thanks p4p !!

Feroze33(10 Dec11:38) - Have spent a lot of money on classes and realised that this was by far the most helpful. Thanks team p4p !!

NKSingh33(02 Dec 19:37) - RTR(A) basic tutorial really helpful. The simulated exam is as real as it gets in the WPC !!

CaptHaddock(29 Nov 11:29) - Best way to prepare for an exam. Lot of similarity in questions.

Prasad_NK(27 Nov 11:23) - RTR(A) experience is good. Suggest go through the Basic Tutorial first before taking the simulated exam.

Rick_Kapoor22(23 Nov 00:47) - Really helpful for guys like me who did their flying abroad and wish to get the DGCA license.

Dastoor_98(22 Nov 12:11) - gr8 work.....the RTR simulation is as real as it gets !!

Flyingfreak82 (20 Nov 15:12) - ATPLCG composite paper's are good....Air regs tough, just like the actual exam.

HughesUK11 (19 Nov 19:17) -  comparable to DGCA...numericals are same...some questions are tougher.